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Saadi Town

Saadi Town is a new residential neighbourhood of Gadap Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Saadi Town is a very big and peaceful residential society in Karachi. Saadi Town is named after famous Persian poet Shaikh Saadi who wrote Bostan and Gulistan.

There are several ethnic groups in Saadi Town including Muhajirs, Sindhis, Punjabis, Kashmiris, Seraikis, Pakhtuns, Balochis, Memons, Bohras and Ismailis.

Saadi Town is a densely populated town now with beautiful Bungalows of sizes 120, 240 and 400 Square Yards. Saadi Town has all the facilities a town need. It is a very peaceful society with boundary wall and security guards round the clock to ensure security of town. Saadi Town has no load shedding and Water shortage issues. It is a neat, clean and secure are for peaceful living.

Saadi Town has numerous facilities like Mosques, hospitals, clinics, super markets, all kinds of shops, restaurants, banks, schools within boundary wall of town so you don’t have to go outside in any emergency need. Market Value of property in Saadi Town Karachi is rapidly increasing so don’t miss any chance to get your own property in Saadi Town in reasonable prices. Streets in Saadi Town are wide and clean and you will find whole society very peaceful and a fun to live in.

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Location Maps of Saadi Town – Plotting

Facilities in Saadi Town:

  • Saadi Town is a boundary walled society and it is very neat, clean and green.
  • It is very secure and have security guards present round the clock on entrance gates.
  • All ethnic communities live here in a peaceful environment.
  • Saadi Town has all types of shops and markets within society so you don’t have to go outside for shopping needs.
  • Saadi Town has banks , hospitals , schools, some beautiful mosques inside society.
  • Saadi Town has no loadshedding and water problem in all blocks.
  • Some people mistaken Saadi Town as a very far away and non populated society but once you visit there you will see how developed and secure Saadi Town is.
  • Banks in Saadi Town: Residents of Saadi Town are blessed with commercial banks like Askari Bank, United Bank Limited and Bank Alhabib and it seems like more commercial banks will open their branches here soon.
  • Hospitals in Saadi Town:¬†There is a hospital named City Hospital is present in Saadi Town Block 4 to facilitate people of Saadi Town. Famous Healthcare services hospitals around Saadi Town are Memon Medical Institute Hospital, Kiran Hospital and Dow University of health sciences which are just few kilometers away from Saadi Town Karachi.
  • Schools in Saadi Town:¬†Saadi Town has schools around the area and within Saadi Town like The Smart School, White House Grammar School and The Educators. There are more schools opening up.